Why Wed in Portugal?

portugalweddingIf you’re asking why so many people are going to Portugal for their weddings, the best answer to that is because apart from wearing their best wedding dresses Rio de Janeiro “vestidos de noiva Rio de Janeiro” in the most unique venues one can imagine, the country is one of the best value for money places in Europe. This is where you get to purchase a bottle of beer that’s cheaper than a chocolate bar. So for those thinking that traveling to Europe to marry their partners isn’t a practical thing to do with respect to money, they have to think again.

It is therefore financial practical to do your wedding in Portugal and while you’re actually saving money in doing so, you are at the same time treating your guests with something new, refreshing, and totally a whole lot of fun. You can now rent wedding dress “aluguel de vestido de noiva” of the best quality and design, create a welcoming and full reception, and realize that dream wedding ceremony in a Portuguese venue without really spending the usual costs in your own country. Do it on the beach, countryside, or even on a cliff top!

Another reason why it’s great to have your wedding in Portugal is because right after the ceremony, you can literally get out of your wedding dress “vestido de noiva” and have an extended holiday with your spouse. It is a wedding, vacation, and honeymoon in one!

So now, what can you expect when it comes to wedding venues? Let us take a look at some of the highly popular venues you can choose in Portugal:


One of the popular wedding concepts in the country for foreigners is renting a villa for a week or so. The villa can then be utilized as the wedding venue. You can easily rent wedding dress, car, caterers, photographers, flowers, and then bring every single component or part of the ceremony in the villa. You can even hire someone to grace the garden with flowers to extend the reception area. And when everything’s done, you can enjoy the calm and serene atmosphere of the villa and have it totally on your own for that relaxing vacation.

2. Pousadas

Then there’s another very unique wedding venue called the Pousada. This time, you get an exclusive and most of the time historic hotel that’s located all throughout the country. As a matter of fact, you can choose over forty of them. You go wear your best wedding dress and enjoy the restaurant treats in these fancy hotels, highlighted by great cuisine and wines.

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