Why Weight Loss Surgery is Recommended for Losing Weight

Doctors will only recommend weight loss surgery based on some criteria that determine whether a patient is suitable or not suitable to go under the knife. Anybody who is over 100 pounds is more likely to be a candidate for a weight loss surgery like vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Those whose weight is more than 85 pounds and above their ideal body weight and have  weight-related health conditions such as diabetes, cardiac problems, pulmonary problems or hypertension might also be a good candidate and those who have attempted all possible means like exercise, diets and medication but failed, weight loss surgery is relatively recommended.

WeightlossadviceThere are various types of weight loss surgery that only a licensed and trained surgeon can recommend and perform. Some doctors prefer less invasive surgery like gastric banding surgery over the other based on patient’s medical assessment. Teenagers who have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 40 or over and suffering from medical conditions caused or made worse by their morbid obesity are more likely to be recommended to less invasive surgery. Gastric banding is a less invasive surgery done to make the stomach smaller through small incisions in the belly to create a band. Unlike gastric band, vertical sleeve gastrectomy is done by making large incisions and stomach is made smaller by removing more than half of the stomach and leaving a vertical sleeve like the shape of a banana. The surgery is more restrictive however, the surgery has high rate of success and that patient lose more than half of the excess weight and gives long-term weight loss.

If your doctor has recommended weight loss surgery, you need to consider the best location for your surgery. If long flights and distance traveling will not give you any problem, you can consider having the surgery done abroad. Countries like Germany and Belgium are known to be excellent in the field besides offering cheap surgery cost for vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Other good choice is Hungary while the Baltic States are known for excellent clinic and post-operation facilities. These European destinations are in particular focused to medical tourism and weight loss surgery like gastric sleeving is exceptionally a low cost while with combining recreation hot spots for recovery and post-surgery holidays.

Before deciding to have weight loss surgery, you should already have in mind why it is done and what is expected out of it. Bear in mind that while it is a tool to resolve obesity problem, it is not an instant fix and you have to work hard,  cooperate with your medical team and follow  faithfully post-surgery instructions. And only by doing these that you can enjoy the full benefits of a weight loss surgery.

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