Key Facts You Need to Know When Moving to Australia

Migrating to Australia can be a long process however when you have the right information and guidelines, it can be smooth sailing. And like in other country, before you can enter any state or territory in Australia, you need to apply for Australia visa and once you have it, you can move in and here are some key information for you to enjoy the vibrant and quality Australian living.moving_aus3


Australia has extreme varied climate. It is typical for this large continent to have different climate on different parts and territories. If you are after tropical weather, you can move in and enjoy Northern Australia territories. Your Australia visa will allow you to enjoy long and hot summer and cool winter in Southern Australia and if you want to experience cooler winter, move in and stay in Western territories. All throughout the year, rainfall is low and this is the reason why bushfires happen so often. When moving to Australia, it is wise to research different territories in order for you to choose the climate that best suits you and doing so will allow you to enjoy the country as your new home.

Cost of living

Australia has high cost of living compared to other European countries. In Asia Pacific regions, Australia also has high ranking and this is due to the continuous global strengthening of Australian dollar. Expats with permanent Australia visa will find Sydney’s cost of living at 11%, Perth at 19 and Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane at 19, 24, and 23% respectively. Expats will also find that when working here, they’ll be paid less and shouldn’t be surprised with higher tax bills. However, Australian people enjoy the same purchasing power enjoyed in Japan and higher than in countries like United Kingdom and Singapore. When in Australia, it is best to consider all the information on costing details including goods and services for you to know how much you need to pay for you to enjoy real Australian standard of living.


If you’re an English-speaking person, then there’ll be no any language problem when you live in Australia because English is the official. If you’re not, start learning English as you read information on how to move to Australia, and speak and live as Australians do.


If you obtained your professional licenses in your home country, consult the local council that has jurisdiction over it because for a foreign issued license such as driving license; you have to re-sit your driving test in order to drive in Australia.

When moving to Australia, it’s recommended that you research and read information and guidelines to avoid things you never want to experience.

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