Common Types of Building Demolition Equipments in Completing Small Demolition Jobs

Heavy demolition works requires right tools, machines and equipment to complete the job. Crawlers’ crane and cherry pickers are just a few of the heavy demolition equipments needed to accomplish and deliver quality demolition jobs. The following adds to the list.

Crane and foundation machines

demolition jobCranes are machines used to lift and lower heavy materials and transporting them to another location. Overhead crane also known as bridge crane is one of the most common type of crane and basically used in works with large scope. Mobile crane is another type of crane with telescopic boom and is mounted on a mobile platform and also called hydraulic crane. Pick and carry cranes are used in lifting and carrying materials in small radius and work scope is similar to cherry pickers. Jib crane, loader crane, stacker crane and tower cranes are other crane type equipments used in lifting and transporting heavy materials and dust and fallen metals and concretes in demolition jobs. Types of cranes and foundation machines are classified accordingly to work scopes and technically a lifting machine related to boom lifts.

Wrecking ball

While there is a decrease in the use of wrecking balls in demolitions, it is still used in low budget demolition jobs. A wrecking ball is usually used to demolish walls, roofs and other horizontal span while being suspended by large length of steel and released by a rope drum clutch for a free fall on concretes or structures. A wrecking ball is attached to a crane larger and higher than regular cherry pickers.


The decrease in use of wrecking balls is mainly due to the modern machines like excavators. Excavators has a rotating  platform called house where there is a boom, stick, bucket and a pivoting cab that swivel up to 360 degrees to crush concretes on building structures. Small demolition jobs like tearing down small houses or two or three storey buildings use hydraulic excavators. Excavators’ attachments like the buckets contribute to the efficiency of using excavators. Buckets are attached to a lifting hook of a crane for bulk materials handling in demolition jobs. Ditching type bucket on excavators is used in excavating large excavated materials.

Small demolition contractors rely on heavy machines rental like scissor lift hire Sydney for low cost solution of demolition equipments and in delivering demolition contracts. Turning to equipment rentals allowed them to have skilled operators handling and running the machine. This is another big boost in the completion of the job contract and in ensuring safety for workers and work sites as well.

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