Car modification fun

Building your own show car out of “every day” car is made possible simply by modification. A Sedan that you can buy for less than $30k can run the way super cars do or even go faster. This is not only because these “every day” cars are totally solid performers but also enjoy massive aftermarket support where each can be fitted with coilover suspension kit, enhancing its speed and others dress-up items to enhance performance and looks as well.

wrxmodTo begin with is to choose the best “everyday car” to modify.  There are popular models to trick however choosing the best can help you get what you really want to turn that car into a show car. Dodge’s Caliber-based SRT 4 is generally not a fast car however its 300 horsepower and turbocharged engine are just two good reasons why it is perfect for tricking down.  Another good reason is its being a muscle car with powerful engine while sporting a budget-minded chassis. Hence, fitting it with pro-aligned Dodge Calber coilover suspension kit can improve its handling as well as its damping force. The result can be an improved and lower caliber but with great ride. Some changes in the slips and front wheels and then you’ll have a show car for some good drag racing.

Chevy Cobalt SS on the other hand has 280 horsepower, a suspension tuned for 150,000 miles driving and no-lift shift feature is one of the top “every day” cars to modify. The interiors may not cause a flutter, so modifying it with some good after market dress-up items like that on the driver’s seat and buckle would bring aggressiveness on its safeness. And because it is produced with FWD, a coilover suspension kit with good combination for height and ride will make some big difference.

bmw3modPick on any BMW 3 Series and if you’re willing to shell out at least $40K for one to modify then you’re on the right path. The Series is known for its luxury and high performance however, its underrated 300 horsepower is a good reason why it is among top every day cars to modify. A new exhaust and cold air intake systems and new set of lightweight racing wheels bring it on as a racing car.

Building a show car out of “everyday” cars is a good way to start learning more about modifications. Fitting in your ideas and inputs could bring improvements however modification is more than fitting your car with better breaks or cooling systems or installing manual boost controller. One wrong move and you can deface a classic car. However, an inexpensive “every day” car is a great way to avoid such unforgivable sin.

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