Affordable Catering Companies in Melbourne Live Up with its Affordable Tag

With affordable catering services across Australia especially in Melbourne, Australians’ love for celebrations is candidly expressed. Corporate parties serviced by top corporate caterers Melbourne allow employees and their guests to enjoy sumptuous meals while not going over their budget and the opportunity to boost their corporate image and branding as well. But, how affordable these affordable catering services in Melbourne really are? Read on.

spitroast1Hiring catering services Melbourne for small group of 6 persons can cost you around $12.30 per person for a selection of mixed sandwiches, wraps and kaiser rolls. If you choose a variety platter, a selection menu includes club sandwiches, baguettes and Turkish rolls will cost you for as low as $11.30. Some corporate caterers Melbourne offer combo meals or menu at $12.30 per person as the lowest. Combo selection samples have a fruit platter and desserts of choice. Menu changes per season and cost may increase during holidays like Christmas and New Year.

For seminars or touring groups, box or packed lunches from corporate caterers Melbourne can cost you as low as $16.30 per box up to $19.90 per box. You can choose from sandwich and baguette lunch box, sandwich lunch box or Asian box with Asian rice roll, Asian salad, whole fresh fruit and cold beverage.

Hiring caterers to serve lunch buffet can cost you from $18.90 per person up to $25.90 per person. Lunch buffet selection usually has dinner rolls and butter, with three salad entrée and three main entrée. This lunch buffet can serve a minimum of 8, 15, and up to 24 persons.

Large parties can have spit roast hire to serve BBQ or spit roast entrée. While, a budget-conscious company will be happy to find as low as $15 per person menu. This price however is served without side salads. The spit roast meals can feed 25 persons and roast meals are delivered hot and carved on trays. A basket of buns and cold beverage will complete the menu.

To make your catering needs meet your budget, you may choose a Roast Express package starting from $14 per person to $25 per person to feed a smaller crowd at your event. These roast express packages is with or without salad or dessert menu. It is also a budget-friendly gesture from catering companies in Melbourne to offer affordable equipments hire to complete party with large attendees.

With these sample menu prices from catering companies in Melbourne, it is without doubt that catering services in Melbourne really live up with its affordable tag.

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