Let’s Go Germany!

If you’re planning a vacation, you might just want to plan your Holidays in Germany – the heart of the European Union. Besides it’s all famous leader Hitler, Germany has a lot more to contribute than just events during the World Wars. Whether you are appealed by ancient architecture, or by fancy night-lives. Germany has a lot more to offer than what meets the eye. Here’s a quick compilation of where to go in Germany based on your interests.

GermanyArchitectural Wonders
UNESCO World Heritage sites are an exemplary display of architecture and beauty, and Germany has 38 such heritage sites. The Margravial Opera House in Bayreuth, built by Giuseppe Galli and his son Carlo, is one of the most beautiful baroque theatre remaining in Europe, and a must visit for an extremely skillful display of intricate architecture. The Neuschwanstein Castle is extremely famous for its romantic architecture. Besides that, the Cologne Cathedral, the Brandenburg Gate, the Heidelberg Castle, the Castles of Augustusberg and Faulkenlust in Brehl, and the Berlin Wall Memorial are striking pieces of architecture.

Treasure Trove of Culture
With about 6,250 museums in the country, Germany is a paradise to the history and culture fanatics. The Dresden Gallery houses some of the best samples of Italian Renaissance Art by Botticelli, Rafael, Tiziano. The Toy Museum in Munich majorly displays the toy collection of Czech writer Ivan Steiger. Besides these, Germany fosters the Porcelain Museum, Munich, the Newspaper Museum, Aachen, the Green Vault Museum, Dresden, the Mercedes Museum, the BMW museum, and the list goes on.

Art and Music Scenes
Famous for it’s classical music, Germany still treasures and promotes music in the country. With innumerable orchestras and choirs drawing inspiration from classic pieces, the Opera Houses and Concert Halls stay in demand. For contemporary tastes, Germany also promotes Rock and Pop bands and Jazz clubs. A must visit to get the musical experience of Germany are the Richard Wagner Festival Theatre in or the Modern Underground Philharmonie Hall, Cologne.

Parties and Exhilarations
For the people who like thrills, Germany ranks high in the list of its nightlife and party scenes. From bars and pubs that are open through the morning, to discos and clubs that feature intense techno and house music, Germany will amaze you with what it holds for the party traveler. Watergate and Berghaim in Berlin are one of the best night clubs of Germany. Moreover, Germany holds innumerable appealing events, an extremely famous one being the Oktoberfest in Munich – which is the world’s biggest beer festival and dates back to 200 years. The Carnival along the Rhine is a time for Germans to let loose and party. It goes on till about 40 days before Easte

Read more about the Margravial Opera House: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margravial_Opera_House

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