Important Things You Need to Know Before Travel by a Rental Car in Finland

Finland is more sparsely populated than other European countries. Of cause, railway and bus are connected between major cities. If you want to go countryside, however, the best way is driving yourself by a rental car. Summer would be the best season for this activity because most attractions are closed in winter. Also, driving on snow and ice is more dangerous and uncomfortable. Although car in Finland usually equipped with heater to preheat engine, you are not recommended to drive in winter thought.

finlandrentalcarBefore you start your driving trip in Finland, it is always a good idea to check your rental car  is in good condition. You do not want an engine breakdown during the trip. Also, bring a nice map and prepare yourself mentally for the trip as you are going to sit in the car for more than 2000 kilometers in ten days. Most people would like to start the journey from Helsinki, a place where most worldwide travelers go. You can always find a rental car service in Finland such as Europcar and Hertz.

Driving in Finland is very safe. Finland is really a safe country to drive by the European standards, even in remote rural areas. The basic safety precautions, however, should be always good to pay attention to.You should be noted that the traffic drives on right. It is also good to know that there is no toll road so far. Finland people have no concept of a minor road and a major road. Even if the road on the right is a smaller road, you should drive on that.

Also, roads are maintained very well. Besides, headlights must be, must be, kept on at ALL THE TIME. No matter inside or outside cities, day or night, you need to keep the headlights, or the daytime running lights, on. The most important precaution is aware of wild animals, especially in dawn and dusk. Wild animals’ crossing the road is frequently seen in the areas without building. It may be a fatal accident if you crash into a heavy moose with 100km/h. In Southern Finland, numerous collisions were happened with deer. Accidents with bear also happen sometimes, mainly in the eastern part.

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