Considerations When Designing Bathroom Renovations

Are you thinking about renovating your bathroom? Then, your bathroom will be among the 230,000 bathrooms that are estimated to be renovated this year in Australia. However, you need to know that a bathroom is a complex room to renovate no matter how small it may be. Thus, you must coordinate various tradespeople to ensure that they do the job efficiently, as oversights and mistakes can be costly. Other than the bathroom being one of the essential rooms in the house, a well built and designed bathroom will serve the need of your family for years to come. Here are the considerations you need to make when it comes to renovating your bathroom.

Construction backgroundYou need to define clearly the purpose of the bathroom; whether you will use it for relaxing or for cleaning and washings. It may require you to install extra electrical and plumbing if you decide to include laundry into your bathroom. It is crucial to ask for advice from a design professional as earlier as possible as it may help you to decide which facilities will work best for your household and that you budget for everything need.

You can spare some cash by resurfacing or painting your tiles if they look a little dated, but they are in good condition. It is advisable to talk first to a tiling professional before choosing new tiles as they can access the integrity of your tiles or give you an idea on which tile will work best for your bathroom.

Looking for water efficient fitting is another important thing to keep in your mind. You can save on your water bill as well as helping to save precious water by using efficient fittings such as dual flush toilets, showerheads and water saving taps, and grey water systems.

You also need to ensure that the bathroom has sufficient storage. Including cabinetry, towel racks, shelving and recessed wall space can serve as good places to store your essentials such as toiletries and towels.

Furthermore, you need to consider the climate and your needs to help you to account for the heating when upgrading your bathrooms. You can install heated towel rails that can warm your towels once you leave the shower or bath. You can also use heating light that are capable of heating the entire room, thus eliminating the feared feeling of standing on a cold tile by heating the floor.

Common mistake you should avoid

Failing to plan is one of the mistakes you can make. It is recommendable to consult the appropriate tradespeople or professional bathroom designers at an earlier stage to help you budget effectively. You should also organize these tradespeople in the correct order to prevent them from skipping some steps of the renovation that can cost you extra work in future. Before planning for the upgrading, you must take not of the current bathroom and layout. Consider the existing cavity space, circuitry and plumbing, ceiling, walls, and floors, among others. Shopping for inappropriate fitting is a common mistake often done by many people. You should be careful to purchase fittings that will work well for your bathroom. This requires you to consult your electrician or plumber.

Remember, you will be using the bathroom for a while. Therefore, spending extra money to get the right toilet or sink for your bathroom could be worth.

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