Travelling to San Sebastian, Spain

When you travel to Spain, one of the best areas to tour in the country is San Sebastian. This city and area is very popular among tourists as it is located on the coast of the Biscay bay giving it nice sandy beaches and spectacular views for tourists. It also has lots of arts celebrations and fiestas which combined with the excellent sea food present in the area make the city an excellent place to tour. The top things to do in San Sebastian include:

Visiting the old town: San Sebastian’s old town is famous among tourists as it is the area with the highest concentration of bars in the world. Its famous bars are known as pintxo bars. Apart from its bars, it has three famous churches and an impressive town hall making it an excellent place to tour while in San Sebastian, Spain.

Visiting the Constitucion plaza: This is a famous plaza that used to be a bullfighting ring. It has many restaurants and bars with great views of the area making it very popular among tourists.

Visiting the La Concha Beach: This is San Sebastian’s famous beach that has spectacular views and nice white sands. The word concha is Spanish for shell. The beach was so named due to its shell-like appearance. La Concha beach has nice clean waters but the water is usually very cold. Tourists can access changing rooms, lockers and toilets at a small fee while touring the beach.


Touring the San Telmo Museoa: This is San Sebastian’s popular museum with a building that has architecture which dates back to the 16th century. The museum allows its tourists to learn more about the culture and history of the Basque country and is a must see for tourists in San Sebastian.

Seeing the Combs of the Winds: Enjoy San Sebastian art and architecture depicted in these famous art installations that capture the eye and glue the attention of the tourists. Combs of the Winds were installed in the 1970’s by expert architectures and artists. They are placed at rocky points at the beach where waves crash with a lot of force and push huge gusts of air out through blow holes in the rocks giving the place an amazing view.


Visiting the Parque Aiete: This is an amazing and wonderful park that is located on a hill side about half an hour’s drive from the center of the city. It has amazing waterfalls and grottos that make it a very popular place among tourists in the area. The park also has a nice mansion house that one can tour and an excellent cafe located at the top of its hill. Tourists can also enjoy having picnics within the park while relaxing in its cool, quiet and natural environment.

So, don’t hesitate to visit San Sebastian when you travel to Spain and the above are the top things to do in San Sebastian to ensure you have fully enjoyed your tour.

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