Different Ways To Explore Norway

Norway has become one of the most popular vacation spots. It offers a wide range of options to have fun and unwind on a holiday. Right from adrenaline pumping adventurous trips to leisure sightseeing you can experience all in your visit to this exotic country. The best part is that this beautiful place presents many different and unique experiences throughout the year. While during the summer you can enjoy the midnight Sun, in winters you can enjoy the great sights offered by glaciated mountains and mesmerizing fjords and the spring time offers great sights of the mountains and valleys all draped in the different hues of the season.

norwayhomesThere are many different ways in which you can travel Norway. If you are on a tight budget the best means to hop onto a train and explore the beautiful cities of the country. The train network is well developed and spreads from Kristainsand in the South to the Bodo which is located above the Arctic Circle. The rail routes are interesting as it has many tunnels and bridges that offer panoramic views of lakes, fjords and mountains.

For romantic couples the view of the midnight Sun on board a cruise is just unforgettable. The stunning sights created by the mountains lining the Norwegian coast are out of this world. You can also explore the spellbinding fjords the Geirangerfjord and the Naeroyfjord both of these are also listed on the UNESCO World Heritage site. Moreover, the cruising ports also offer a wide range of activities like fishing, skiing, hiking, etc. The professional tour guides provide you with information about the local culture and make your trip an interesting one.

If you have a valid international driving license and is passionate about driving then experience Norway at your own pace by driving through the scenic roads. There are 18 national tourist routes in Norway that has beautiful viewing platforms and rest spots for the convenience of travelers. Get in touch with one of the car hire companies and hit the road to explore the scenic roads that can take you to the sky kissing mountains. En route you can enjoy the fascinating fjords, snow covered white valleys and also the mind blowing waterfalls.

Norway is a Mecca for all adventure lovers. You have several options to choose from. Hiking, cycling through mountainous roads, skiing, scuba diving, camping at scenic sites and the list goes on and on. Many people prefer to take the services of car hire companies to travel from one adventure spot to another.
No matter how you travel Norway you are sure to have a memorable holiday in this country which is blessed by Mother Nature in abundance!

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Some of the most breathtaking hiking places in Norway

Norway boasts of having some of the most breathtaking hiking places in the world. If you are a hiking enthusiast, you can travel Norway and get unmatched hiking experiencing. Here are some spectacular places were you can go hiking in Norway.

This mountainous area is dubbed ‘Home of Giants’, thanks to it being home to 29 most highest mountains in Norway such as Galdhopiggen. It is also home to Norwegian largest national park, Jotunheinmen National Park, established in 1980. This place is revered for being the most popular among hikers and mountain climbers.

This a mountainous plateau located in western Norway. It is not only the largest plateau in Norway but also in the whole of Europe. It is revered for its cold all year-round climate, besides being Norway’s largest glacier. It is not only a spectacular hiking place but a popular tourist destination, providing visitors with a variety of outdoor activities.

Besides Rondane being an auspicious hiking area, it is also Norway’s oldest national park. The park has 10 peaks which are above 2,000 meters. The highest peak is Rondeslottet, at a height of 2,178. This park is home to thousands of wild reindeers.

The Lyngen Alps
These alpine mountains are spread on a peninsula. They are quiet popular among professional hikers and mountain climbers. These mountains provide auspicious and panoramic views over blue Fjords. This place is relatively colder as compared to the other most popular mountain hiking and climbing places in Norway.

This mountainous area borders Norway’s central and southern regions. This place is depicted as a sign of eternity because it is quiet awe-inspiring. It provides visitors with an awesome and spectacular hiking experience, especially during the summer. This area is also ideal for canoeing, fishing and snowkiting.

The Lysefjord
This is arguably the most famous site in Norway, with thousands of tourists flocking here in droves every year. It is a flat mountainous plateau which is 6oo meters high. It is a wonderful hiking place with spectacular views.

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