Betting Right on Horses

horseOne of the most thrilling and satisfying things in life is to win it big when betting on races. And, one of the most common races people have bet on for a long time now is horse races. Winning a bet provides the player with the uttermost thrill and anticipation about the large winnings that they have gained. Losing however, is naturally the exact opposite that will cause a large dent in your pockets. So, before you start your new hobby as a horse race better, here are some beginner’s racing tips that will help you work your way into becoming a high rolling baller.

Do not bid a high amount immediately. You may want instant gratification when it comes to winning it big in horse race betting, but the key to winning something is to start betting low. Per game, you can initially bet as small as 2-dollar increments while getting the feel of the game. Once you know what your odds are, then you can start increasing your bets.

Betting on the ‘favorite’ is favorable. A lot of people make the mistake on betting on any random horse feeling that they could get lucky. However, if you are a beginner at being a horse racing analyst, it would be ideal to bet on the crowd favorite. By doing so, you gain at least a 33% chance of winning it big.

Do the math. Whether you like it or not, you would need to have some basic mathematical skills when betting on horse races since this is all about the odds. Once you master some mathematical skills, you are one step closer to getting great horse racing results.

Know what you are betting on. There are several types of regular or ‘straight’ horse bets. Show is when you bet a horse to come in either first, second or third. Place is when you are betting on the horse to come in first or second. Win is when you are betting on a horse to come in first place. It would be ideal for a betting beginner to bet on Place and Show types a few times first to be able to get the feel of the game and work your way to betting bigger.

Know how to give your bet at the teller. No one really likes to be embarrassed by fumbling over what you want when you bet at the race track. Always remember to indicate the racetrack, the race, the amount you plan to bet, the type of bet and the horse number to the teller in that sequence. This will save you a lot of time.

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