Beauty in the Diversity of France

Being one of the world’s most famous destinations of sightseers for over twenty years, France is one country so diverse it is hard to exhaust a lifetime of vacation here. The hot summer and mild winter climate without a doubt draws vacationers to experience the beauty of its rolling hills and mountains. To enjoy their different culture and architecture, it is best to visit France from October or November as these as the months were it is not crowded, prices are usually lower and it is not necessary to reserve for accommodations.

locationdevoitureparisThe easiest way to get around France is by taking the train; it could pretty much take you anywhere. Tickets can be bought online and at train stations and are fairly cheap when you travel during off-peak season. It is also possible to get around in bus where larger town usually have bus stations. For some people who prefer to see France’s coastal islands, it is recommended to book for a ferry service ahead of time. However, if you happen to be in France for a business trip, a car hire or service can be booked in advance once you land in French airports.

While in France, there are numerous places and things you would want to put in your list.  You could fairly start off with The Châteaux of the Loire, champagne tasting at Épernay, hiking at Les Gorges Du Verdon and sunbathing along the Corsican beaches. A stroll at the Jardin Du Luxembourg can be quite relaxing and walking the aisles of Amiens Cathedral will lift your spirits. For art lovers, a walk in the Palace of Louvre featured in Dan Brown’s famous novel “Da Vinci Code” is like being Robert Landgon himself. The fantastic Gorges de L’ardèche can be spotted into the Rhône valley, cyclist and walkers alike will certainly admire drifting along Canal Du Midi and visiting the famous Stonehenge’s in Carnac and seeing the splendid architecture of Mont St-Michel envelops your mind like a trance in daylight. When you’ve finished inhaling the invigorating aroma from the lavender fields of Provence, you will be relieved at how your stress has just flown away.

In spite of the rustic tranquility, France boasts of having the most glamorous city in Europe. The City of Lights is well connected by trains and bus as well as car hire in Parislocation de voiture Paris“. Before ending the vacation, be sure to drop by the Eiffel Tower, Disneyland Paris, Arc de Triomphe, and the Pantheon, Notre Dame Cathedral and other museums and galleries that speaks well of a country so rich in culture and history.

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