We are the people behind hipip.eu and we must confess we all have the heart of a traveler. We can relate to any backpacker, mountaineer, rock climber, sightseer and the plain man of the road, as these are the people who are constantly on the lookout for a place to travel, explore, discover and most of all to enjoy.

We enjoy traveling that’s why we created this blog not only to tell something about our travels but simply to tell the world what’s in traveling, its joys, and the love and the passion put on it. We have this desire to spark the passion of traveling in the heart of our readers and to inspire ordinary and plain folks who have the notion that traveling is synonymous to luxury.

We want to dispute and erase that notion that’s why we created this blog.

We created this page with a full desire and dedication to give travel guides, tips and travel itineraries that will help  solo travelers on a budget, group travelers and first-timers enjoy to the fullest their destinations and make their first times sweet times.

We accept suggestions and we give in to requests related to travels and make sure everybody has a great time reading this blog as well as finding every travel post and article helpful and informative.

We’re serious about traveling and we want to pass this on our readers and make traveling part of their lifetime. Special acknowledgement to Infinity Web Design Australia for their help in our website and also Digital Presence Solutions for providing us with onsite SEO recommendations, we strongly recommend their SEO services for businesses in .Sydney Australia.

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