A Travel Guide to Finland – Winter & Summer

Both summer season and winter in Finland contain an idyllic beauty of their own with a unique set of activities and adventures to enjoy. It is located at the Arctic Circle, so the winters are long and snowy, and in the summer season for two and half months, the sun just does not set. Traveling to Finland at the summer season means is in the months July, June and august. Warm and long sunshine packed days beacon you to explore the place very much.You can spend your holidays in eastern Finland, Karelia and fishing in the pie linen lake. You will also get the opportunity of relaxing yourself on the spa and sauna for free, or a canoeing trip in the lake, golf playing and so on. You can be able to spend your days peacefully at Lapland by looking reindeer graze.

finlandwinterGet a hiking trip or fishing trip and enjoy the days in full leisure. If you choose winter season to travel Finland, you can get a stay in a snow hotel that is constructed every year with snow. This snow suits and rooms of the hotel are decorated perfectly with snow sculptures. You can also get a kick sledge ride or sauna according to your interest and do not forget to visit the rustic charm villages. If possible make a visit to popular northern lights that are seen in the finish Lapland. You can see the light move in the form of ray or quick moving pulsing shapes from east to west. If you feel that the nights are cloudless, you can go and enjoy the natural phenomenon that sets you wonderful and spell bounded to without any limitations.

If you visit Finland in the months of October, September, March or February, visit aurora borealis. They are in bright colors of blue, green, violet, yellow and red. When you visit interior Finland, you will see traditional villages, churches, stores and farms. Christmas is the festive season of the year for the people of Finland loaded with heartwarming and special a tradition that is why this season is the best time to visit this city .The city contains dense forests and lush green surroundings all around the sea. The important part of the Finnish culture is alcoholic drinks. The popular drinks are koskenkorva, finlandia vodka and salmiakki koskenkorva.

At the time winter season this city offers extra ordinary chances for cross country skiing. Different kinds of ski resorts that is located here. In the town of rovaniemi, you can see Santa Claus village attracts many tourists. There are different events conducted such as the October herring festival, mayday carnival, the Helsinki city marathon, annual samba carnival and the midsummer festival. These events reflect the culture of the city life. There are number of dance groups and theatres in the city to include the entertainment. The city is very much compact and amusing which moving around without using any vehicle is fun. Get information about the packages and visit this beautiful city.

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