5 things to do in Sweden

If you are planning to visit Sweden, here are the best 5 things to do in this large but least populated country in Europe.

1. Stay in a Sweden Farm

Sweden offers tourists a chance to experience unique farm experience by staying on a working farm in Sweden. While enjoying scenic countryside one gets to walk through the fields, ride horses sledge, hear birds’ singing and breathe clean country air and eat fresh farm produce. See and witness how local farmers make their cheese, brew and distill their wine and spirits and how they make bread from old farm oven.

swedentgothenburg2. Drive and park tour

Adventurous and spirited souls would love exploring Swedish forest, marine and fauna national Parks and Sweden Mountains. With a car hire provision, it is easy to reach Tyresta national Park that is 20 km outside Stockholm or Fukufjallet National Park in Dalarma and Rapadalen in Sarek, Swedish Lapland. Driving along Sweden coastline gives one the chance to experience Swedish midnight sun and wildlife.

3. Eat and drink

Sweden now offers great food tripping experience with many international restaurants in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Enjoy Sweden great pride of lobster and oyster safari not to forget its smorgasbord dining, the meatballs and the now famous Sweden Fika. With a cheap car hire, one can easily hop from one restaurants to another and enjoy food tripping at its best.

4. Engage in sports and outdoor activities

How about timber rafting? This one whole day activity teaches anyone to build his own timber raft using only logs and rope. There are several companies in Varmland that offer this outdoor activity for Sweden guests who love to experience timber-rafting building. There are also great provisions for cycling enthusiasts with cycling events held in many Swedish cities and towns. Criss-crossing is also a popular outdoor sport in Sweden and many guests coming from Spain with car from car hire Spain joining the criss-crossing competitions. Fishing, sailing, horse-riding, hunting complete the long list of outdoor activities that can be done in Sweden.

5. Sightseeing

Sweden is a country blessed with many natural areas offering satisfying sightseeing tours. The Swedish Lapland is unbeatable when it comes to unique experience as it offers one of a kind snowmobile rides through Swedish Lapland.

Sweden is the only country that has never had any war experience and has been at peace in the longest years. This is perhaps the reason for that feeling at peace while visiting this European country.

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