The Best Traveling in Australia Courtesy of These Essentials

Solar panels, a must-have now. They turn sunlight into electricity. Many manufacturers make them and for a good reason. In a nature loving country like Australia, traveling and keeping off the grid is nirvana. Portable solar panels conveniently generate electricity in an RV or camping trip. This is priceless. On your next off-the-grid adventure, be sure you have the best solar panel.

Going away in a caravan, going hunting, camping and driving around in a 4WD, there are so much to get familiar with, besides portable solar panels, to make your trip enjoyable. Here, you’ll be familiar with the most basic essentials of traveling in Australia.

* A deep cycle battery is a lead-acid battery made to be discharged to its utmost capacity. This is in contrast to a car battery that delivers a burst of energy in a short time. AGM deep cycle battery (absorbed glass mat) is ideal for off the grid scenarios. It’s used for military aircraft, vehicles and UPS to reduce weight and improve reliability.

* Though portable solar panels keep a battery to full capacity even for several days in a row, there are rare, inevitable instances wherein your camper, 4WD or RV dies. Such batteries shouldn’t go below 50 percent charge. Once they go lower than 20 percent, they’ll get damaged, never to function in its full capacity. That’s why it’s always good to be prepared with a jump starter.

* Battery boxes have outlet sockets to accommodate most campers’ needs. Just fit your deep cycle battery into the pre-wired battery box. This box usually has a LED display indicating battery voltage. It’s also great for mounting a second battery in the cargo area of a caravan, SUV, wagon or 4WD. If this box has anderson plugs, recharging using a solar panel setup is going to be easy.

* A great additional accessory to any 4WD vehicle is a 4wd awning that ensures shade and shelter from a sudden downpour, not to mention an extra space to enjoy in your parked camping trip. Just make sure the awning is from quality materials because of the harsh conditions of the outback.

* Getting a fridge. This ain’t cheap. However you can save on a camping fridge freezer by knowing some details:

* Will you go around Australia or will you have a long weekend getaway at a caravan park?

* A couple needs a 40-50 liter fridge while a large family needs 65 liters or more.

* More fresh food needs more fridge space.

* Length of the trip

* Will you be able to restock on the road?

* Is your vehicle big enough for the fridge?

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