Experiencing Nature’s Beauty and First Class Accommodation in Relaxing Islands

Depositphotos_1399103_s-2015Beach islands such as Gili Air and Gili Trawangan are among the best places to spend long vacations and be close to Mother Nature. To make the most out of your vacations, you need to stay in a top Gili Air accommodation so you won’t have to think about your needs because it will all be provided to you.

You may wonder how you can enjoy the beauty of nature and beach island first class accommodation. Here are the ways:

Well-designed Resort Landscape

One of the best things about island resorts is that they are built very close to nature. Landscape artists and architectures highly take into consideration the location in designing the landscape. In general, they create landscape designs that don’t alter the natural condition and flow of the environment. This is one major reason why accommodation in Gili Islands is great for experiencing the beauty of nature.

Massage Spa

Resort hotels and accommodations in top Indonesia beach islands are also known to have the best massage spas. These hotels actually entice people from around the world to experience and enjoy their services such as the different types of massage. Any known Lombok accommodation, for example, knows how to make the stay of their guest worthwhile and unforgettable. They employ massage therapists who have taken the needed training programs and have work for several years to practice and hone their massage skills. There are spas that use stones, mud, sand, and other natural scrubs to complete any massage session.

Essential Amenities

If you plan to stay in an accommodation in Gili Trawangan, you can enjoy your stay there because there are essential amenities that will make your vacation truly relaxing and enjoyable. You can use the jacuzzi and let the warm water relax you and loosen your cold and stiff muscles. There is also a well-equipped kitchen and bathroom complete with bathtub and water heater.

If you wish to continue doing your workouts, there are also accommodations that have fitness centers complete with state of the art work out equipment and facilities. You can also find the same amenities in a reputable Gili Air accommodation.

These are the ways on how you can enjoy your stay lodging in Gili or any hotel in the different island beaches in the area. In fact, choosing first class Gili Air accommodation doesn’t necessarily mean shelling out large sums of money because there are promos that you can avail online.

Being close to nature is undoubtedly a relaxing experience. This is why many travelers and tourists alike would pick Gili Islands to spend a relaxing vacation.

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Experience the Magic of Australia

Australia is one of the most fun-filled country in the world. It has the power to engulf its visitors with its scenic beauty and exotic animals. The country is spread out on the whole continent which is an island. The scenic beauty of Australian beaches is unmatched, throughout the world. The country is bestowed with four seasons, thus is perfect to enjoy the light clothes and sandy beaches along with exotic foods.

The best time for visiting Australia is between May and March, as it is not too hot nor too cold. It is autumn season in these months, and scenic beauty is further enhanced by different colors adopted by trees. It is perfect weather to enjoy the exotic beaches of the country for a travel blogger, without being bothered by over crowded streets. The summer holidays are finished so everything is cool and calm waiting for you to enjoy to the fullest.

Australia offers its visitors, especially travel bloggers unique and unforgettable experiences. If one has to select only three things, to make the experience of visiting Australia unforgettable. Diving with the Whales, which migrate to the Great Barrier Reef in June would be on top. It is the most sort out experience, and dare devils wait all year round for it. Secondly watching Australian Open Tennis live is also an experience in itself and thirdly trekking through the Daintree Rainforest should not be missed at any cost. Trekking through forest, full of diverse plants and animals is thrilling. Moreover, the activities offered on the way like crocodile spotting make this world heritage site unforgettable.

Australia is full of enchanting and breath-taking places and one can take a whole year off to relish these places. If one had to select only three out of them, they would be Bondi beach, Sydney Opera House and the Great Ocean Road. Bondi beach represents the beauty of all the beaches of Australia. The mesmerizing scenic beauty can be witnessed by taking a morning walk on the beach. Apart from Bondi beach,Sydney Opera House is one place, which represents Australia. It is also a world cultural heritage site and has many things to entertain, including theater under one roof. Last but not least is the Great Ocean Road which can be seen while taking up a helicopter tour of the tour. The gigantic waves hitting the road is a scene which will be engraved on your mind.

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