Save on Washroom Consumables through Proper Bathroom Etiquette

Your personal hygiene is influenced by the quality of washroom area you move around in. Since the working class spends a bit more time outside, hygiene and washroom services, especially at the office matters. If you are the business owner, how can you possibly provide such requirement for your employees while saving money on centrefeed paper towel and other washroom consumables? That’s easy. Promote bathroom etiquette.

Cost cutting on washroom consumables


You would not believe it for yourself but washroom items such as the centrefeed paper towel take a good chunk of your operating budget. Then again, since they are directly connected to personal hygiene and the health of your employees, they cannot be easily compromised.

What you can do to control the use of washroom items is to promote proper bathroom etiquette among your employees. This will help keep your workplace healthy and clean while cutting costs on consumables like centrefeed paper towel, liquid soaps, hand towels, and others. Here is a guideline you can share to your employees to help them ace workplace bathroom etiquette:

  • Hand washing is a must, as often as needed. It had been proven, time and again that washing hands can help prevent germs from infiltrating spaces and causing illnesses.
  • Clean as you go. This is a good guide to giving courtesy to other bathroom users.
  • Administer a flush every time you use the toilet. This is a very simple command often overlooked.
  • Do not hang around in the bathroom longer than you should. Other users called by nature might be waiting for their turn on the toilet or the electric hand dryers. Give them their time.
  • Do not transact in the bathroom. Again, it would lengthen the queue for the bathroom if those who use it do more than just the simple routines. Business transactions are meant to be done elsewhere than the washroom.
  • Use washroom consumables just as much as you need to. When you come to a digital aerosol dispenser, make sure that you are only up for an amount that you need to give the rest their share.
  • Do not make executive privilege an excuse for making excesses, whether it is about sharing the washroom with other users or performing every aspect of hygienic bathroom etiquette.

If only people will learn how to use the washroom properly, you will be able to save a good sum on hygiene supplies in your own workplace bathroom. So, you better learn how to share our guideline on bathroom etiquette to your employees to enjoy the best results.

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Travelling to San Sebastian, Spain

When you travel to Spain, one of the best areas to tour in the country is San Sebastian. This city and area is very popular among tourists as it is located on the coast of the Biscay bay giving it nice sandy beaches and spectacular views for tourists. It also has lots of arts celebrations and fiestas which combined with the excellent sea food present in the area make the city an excellent place to tour. The top things to do in San Sebastian include:

Visiting the old town: San Sebastian’s old town is famous among tourists as it is the area with the highest concentration of bars in the world. Its famous bars are known as pintxo bars. Apart from its bars, it has three famous churches and an impressive town hall making it an excellent place to tour while in San Sebastian, Spain.

Visiting the Constitucion plaza: This is a famous plaza that used to be a bullfighting ring. It has many restaurants and bars with great views of the area making it very popular among tourists.

Visiting the La Concha Beach: This is San Sebastian’s famous beach that has spectacular views and nice white sands. The word concha is Spanish for shell. The beach was so named due to its shell-like appearance. La Concha beach has nice clean waters but the water is usually very cold. Tourists can access changing rooms, lockers and toilets at a small fee while touring the beach.


Touring the San Telmo Museoa: This is San Sebastian’s popular museum with a building that has architecture which dates back to the 16th century. The museum allows its tourists to learn more about the culture and history of the Basque country and is a must see for tourists in San Sebastian.

Seeing the Combs of the Winds: Enjoy San Sebastian art and architecture depicted in these famous art installations that capture the eye and glue the attention of the tourists. Combs of the Winds were installed in the 1970’s by expert architectures and artists. They are placed at rocky points at the beach where waves crash with a lot of force and push huge gusts of air out through blow holes in the rocks giving the place an amazing view.


Visiting the Parque Aiete: This is an amazing and wonderful park that is located on a hill side about half an hour’s drive from the center of the city. It has amazing waterfalls and grottos that make it a very popular place among tourists in the area. The park also has a nice mansion house that one can tour and an excellent cafe located at the top of its hill. Tourists can also enjoy having picnics within the park while relaxing in its cool, quiet and natural environment.

So, don’t hesitate to visit San Sebastian when you travel to Spain and the above are the top things to do in San Sebastian to ensure you have fully enjoyed your tour.

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Plan Your Perfect Surf Holiday in Bali

Indonesia is a surfing haven, with its water temperatures hitting a warm tropical 27 degrees Celsius every day and its endless supply of waves for everyone: from beginners to experts. In fact, if you are looking for your next adventure to hit the waves, why not go and consider surf charters in Bali. Not only can you live your dream life in the waves, but you can also experience and enjoy everything that Bali can offer: white sand beaches, wonderful temples, mountains, rice terraces and coffee plantations.

Depositphotos_39415537_s-2015Other than just surf charterstourists can enjoy different kinds of packages and accommodations, depending on your budget, your experience and your interest:

  1. For Families – Staying in surf resorts are optimal for those traveling with kids, but also for couples and even for single travelers. They are perfect for enjoying the paradise islands, with its white sand beaches and its cozy luxury beach huts under the palm trees. Here your wife can sunbathe while the kids are building sandcastles and as for you, you can simply head out of the room with your board and straight into the waves.
  1. For Groups – Thinking of a cool trip for you and your mates? Go and look at surf camps in Bali, and have the best time of your life with your friends. You don’t have to worry if you have never surfed before; these camps cater to all different people, from beginners to pros. You can also expect guides to show you where the best waves are and help you perfect your skills on the board.
  1. For those who want to live out in the water – Surf charters Bali are perfect for those who never want to be out of the sea – staying in spacious boats that offer you every luxury you need in your holiday, and at the same time, chase after the waves, it will be just like living in paradise. It’s not for those who get seasick though.

Actually, Indonesia’s surfing islands offer its guests everything they look for in a perfect holiday – exotic culture, fresh seafood and sweet tropical fruits, the sea and its countless adventures from surfing to snorkeling to swimming in the warm waters. The best thing is that you have options whatever your budget and your interests are. So, go and start searching for surf chartersresorts or camps in Bali and plan for your ultimate and definitely memorable holiday now!

Surfing enthusiasts are always on the lookout of the hip surfing destinations, and good enough Bali has many options to offer.

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